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The Vertiflex Procedure

The Vertiflex Procedure is a cutting edge therapy for patients with lumbar spinal stenosis. During this minimally invasive procedure, which is approved by the FDA and covered by Medicare, a small spacer is implanted between the bony structures of the spine (spinous processes). These spacers relieve pressure on spinal nerves, alleviating back and leg pain while standing and walking.

What are the symptoms of lumbar spinal stenosis?

  • Back or leg pain while standing or walking
  • Pain relief when sitting or bending forward
  • Pain, weakness, tingling and/or cramping in the legs, buttocks, and/or back (neurogenic intermittent claudication)
  • Relief with the use of a cane, walker, or shopping cart

 Who is a candidate for The Vertiflex Procedure?

Anyone with symptoms of lumbar spinal stenosis may be a candidate for The Vertiflex Procedure. Call for an appointment to determine whether this option is right for you.

How effective is the treatment?

The Vertiflex Procedure is very effective in reducing pain related to spinal stenosis. In fact, in one of the most rigorous of spinal studies, The Vertiflex Procedure was proven effective for patients with mild to moderate spinal stenosis and for patients with severe stenosis who are not surgical candidates. Click this link to review this five-year study, published in 2018, in the Journal of Pain Research.

 Does the treatment provide long term relief?

Yes, the procedure has been proven to provide long term relief in patients with mild to moderate spinal stenosis.

How is the procedure performed?

You will be positioned lying on your stomach on the procedure table. The lower back is cleaned and then numbed with a local anesthetic; you will also receive intravenous anesthesia by an anesthetist. Your surgeon will make a small incision in your lower back and insert the spacer between two spinous processes (e.g., L4-L5) under fluoroscopy (X-ray) guidance. The procedure takes approximately 15-30 minutes.

What are the risks associated with The Vertiflex Procedure?

Generally, this procedure is both safe and effective. As with all procedures, there are some risks, including:

  • The implant can become dislodged or moved out of place
  • The spinous process can fracture during placement
  • The procedure may not provide adequate relief
  • You may need additional surgery to relieve pain
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